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Rental & Power Support


AMICO offers custom proposal and supplies gas gensets with reliable performance to provide assistance in expanding your business, controlling risks and reducing costs according to your request. Upon your request, AMICO is always ready to offer rental service of 250kW to 1,000kW gas gensets for drilling platforms as standby power, 3,000kW to 4,500kW gas gensets as prime power as well as 810kW to 1,000kW gas power unit rental business.

Power Support

AMICO also offers power support for gas gensets and gas power unit above 1,000kW to assist you to reduce costs and improve economic efficiency. AMICO will take full responsibility for project design, construction, operation and maintenance, and customers will pay AMICO in accordance with amount of power or gas consumed.
Our operation team strictly complies with safety management system, fire management system and emergency plans, etc. In addition, we provide regular professional training for gas gensets operators to improve their professional skills and safety awareness as well as upgrade their service concept.
For any special request, please feel free to contact us and we will make rapid response.

If any special request, please contact us without hesitate and we will bring you with considerate service.
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